Arjunarishta (Parthadyarishta)

Arjunarishta (Parthadyarishta)

Arjunarishta (Parthadyarishta)

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  • High cholesterol in our body is considered a risk factor for various health-related problems.
  • Increased levels of cholesterol can develop fatty deposits in the blood vessels and can lead to heart problems.
  • According to Ayurveda,  Impaired digestion at the tissue level produces excess waste products or Ama.
  • This causes the accumulation of bad cholesterol and blockage in the blood vessels.

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Customer questions & answers

  • Rajneet Kumar
    March Sat, 2024

    very good product. nice packing timely delivery reasonable rates. beneficial for all

  • Samir
    March Sat, 2024

    The syrup definitely helps. Helpful product for heart disease, when u take regular......

  • Nita
    March Sat, 2024

    My father takes its daily and it's very healthy for lungs n heart ..must buy

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